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Saturday, April 07, 2007

2 Regents installed in 2005 Dodge Ram Quad Cab

Without the recline bar, installed with lap shoulder belt, long belt path. NOT gonna happen, there is no way the kids can sit in it that upright.

See the lid on the bed of the truck???

Got them in at a decent angle that I hope the kids will accept. Can definitely fit a Boulevard between them. Rear or forward facing.

Both are in TIGHT. Shake the whole truck when you tug at the belt path. The kids are only 35lbs, so it doesn't have to be tethered since I'm using the recline bar... which is good because I can't get the tether to tighten with the funky truck tether anchors. Kind of irrelevant since the 4 runner doesn't have tether anchors at all. So they wouldn't be tethered in that either. I removed the headrests which gave me just enough room to install the seats.

Drivers side Regent installed with lap shoulder belt, long belt path, with recline bar. (Took them right back out and put them back in my van, that's why the LATCH connectors are hanging out.)

Passenger side Regent installed with lap shoulder belt, long belt path and recline bar.

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