I am putting this together as a resource for pictures of different carseats and installations. I hope people find it helpful.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Britax Regent Long Belt Path installation with Lap shoulder belt in 2005 Dodge Ram, done without the cover on so you can see where the belt actually goes.

The seat installed:

The date of Manufacter, serial number ect is located just to the side of the adjuster strap. You will need this information if you ever call Britax for replacement parts, ect.

You route the vehicle seatbelt over the side of the seat. (The extra strap you see is the LATCH strap on the Regent.)

The shoulder belt will go up the Regent, it won't stay with the lap belt.

The vehicle seatbelt is then routed around the back of the Regent to come out and go through the same hole on the opposite side. It goes completely AROUND the PLASTIC part of the seat. As you can see here. It does not just go behind the cover or foam, but completely behind the plastic shell of the seat. (The extra strap you see is the LATCH strap on the Regent)

When you route the vehicle seatbelt behind the shell of the seat it goes COMPLETELY around it. Around the harness straps, not in between them and the shell of the seat. (The extra strap over by the recline bar is the LATCH strap.)

It comes out from behind the seat back through the hole.

Bringing it back over the other side and buckling it.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Harness fit of a Regent on a 35lb, 38 inch, 4 year old. The harness is tight enough, and as tight as possible. The harness height has to be above the shoulders for forward facing. This does make the shoulder area harder to get tight, however it is obviously tight despite this. As long as the harness straps are at or above the shoulders it is acceptable even if it may seem a little high.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

2 Regents and a Boulevard in 2005 Dodge Ram Quad Cab

Boulevard is NOT being used, just being transported. (The rubber HUGS would be required to use this seat forward facing. Ours got torn, we ordered new ones.)

Sadi is 34lbs, 36 inches, using the second up slots on the Regent. Regents are installed using lap shoulder belt, long belt route, with recline bar and tethered as well as possible given the trucks tether anchors.

Ali is 35lbs, 38 inches, using the second up slots on the Regent.

Just enough room between the two seats to reach in and tighten the Boulevard's seatbelt.

Space between Ali's Regent and driver's side door.

Regent installed in 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan

Regent installed in "center" position on 2nd row of 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan. Installed using long belt route with lap shoulder belt, and tethered. Rear facing Boulevard installed passenger side, 2nd row with LATCH and tethered. *Please note Boulevard is tethered incorrectly.*

Between the two seats.

Regent installed in the same seating position in a 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan. Installed with LATCH, recline bar, and tethered. With RF Boulevard next to it.