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Friday, June 08, 2007

So today I decided to finally do this. We are making a road trip, and I wanted Sadi rear facing if she will tolerate for the long drive. If not, I wanted to have the Regent ready too. So, I had to get them all three across. It can be done! I installed the Scenera first, seatbelt lap shoulder belt. Rock solid install then I added the Regents and tethered them. I just had to push the Scenera over towards the passenger side a little bit or the Regent on the driver's side was crooked. It had to be totally centered. There is still room between the seats to reach down to tighten seatbelts, unbuckle or buckle if needed, ect. The Regents of course went in rock solid as usual.

Passenger side

Driver's side

Passenger side Regent and Scenera

Driver's side Regent and Scenera

The Regent and Scenera... think my not so small little girl can fit through there... lol.

Back window....Regent's tethered

Sadi has lost a couple pounds and at only 32lbs and 37 inches she can ride RF in the Scenera again. Today I didn't have my van, and just had the Scenera when I had to take her to the Dr. I just stuck it in there rear facing so she wouldn't be upright forward facing, since she is seizing. I didn't want her hurting her necking seizing while forward facing.

Despite the way the pictures might look, she does have a good 2.5 inches above her head. She is just above the 3rd harness slot.

Wait a minute, you mean I get to ride in this seat? Rear facing? Are you serious Mom?

Gee, how do you think she felt about that? Lol.

Oh goodness, I screamed so loud I had to cough.

Harness slots

I also established today that my poor children will be in Regent's until they are 20... lol. *I* still fit in the Regent height wise. I am like 5'1 I believe. If I had never gotten pregnant I'd probably still be 80lbs and I would fit weight wise. Lol. This, humored me very much.

In these pictures I'm sitting up totally straight. If I were to slouch like kids normally do in carseats, and use the outer crotch strap, I would actually fit, just barely.

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